In addition to doing flowers for weddings, I decorate for business luncheons, dinner parties, auctions, and celebrations of all kinds.

I also have weekly accounts with restaurants, salons, galleries, and private residences. I find my inspiration from the space where flowers are to be provided and this helps me to choose an appropriate color scheme and overall style. I generally stick with this although my arrangements are always fresh and exciting and relevant to the current season and/or holiday.

When decorating a private residence for a party or weekly account, I’ll often use the clients’ own unique vessels. These custom installations may include one large entry foyer arrangement and/or numerous smaller ones spread throughout the home. Flowers can be found on small side tables, bookshelves, and bathroom counters.

Flowers bring so much life and joy in to the business and home and should not be considered an outrageous extravagance. I truly believe that we need beauty in our lives almost as much as we need food and water. So indulge in something to brighten up your every day existence.

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