The details of a garden are what bring it to life. Beautifully crafted stone steps, interesting containers, dry river beds and waterfalls, are just some of the elements that give a garden it’s own unique character.

I work closely with the skilled artisans who implement my designs and I enjoy the collaborative process. I wholly trust their judgment when it comes to the construction of patios or stairs and often the end result is different from my original vision. This is common to large-scale projects and I find it only leads to inspiring changes.

Container gardening is an art in it’s own right and one that I greatly enjoy. I love to cluster pots on patios, by entry stairs, and in large public spaces. I choose plants appropriate to the site and, if budget allows, will add colorful splash with each season. An interesting pot placed in just the right spot may not even need the addition of plants. A beautiful container can also be easily turned in to a simple water feature to create the feeling of a sanctuary.

The attention I give to the details of a garden is more personal than that given from most large landscape companies. I believe that the intricacies of a garden are of great importance and should represent the owner’s sense of style.

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